Africa Day celebration 2022: Carving a Clean and Sustainable Africa

To commemorate the Africa day celebration 2022, the Torchmark group joins our counterparts to reflect on the achievement of our

continent Africa; especially Nigeria, and the many challenges still faced to this day.

On this day 59 years ago, the Organization of African Unity – now known as the African Union – was established to address issues facing the growth and development of Africa and its citizens.

This year's Africa Day theme: The Year of Nutrition; Strengthening Resilience in Nutrition and Food Security on the African Continent, is addressing the underlying malnutrition and undernutrition of our children, the poor health system in food production, and the lack of an Agro-food system.

The challenge of Nutrition and food security is caused by the global crises of climate change ; drought, unclean water, changing weather conditions, poor sanitation, crop death, etc. Hence

it has become difficult to build a clean and sustainable Continent.

The good news however is that in the past 5 years Torchmark Group among others has been providing renewable and sustainable technology solutions for its citizens thereby providing a more sustainable environment for our food and agricultural production in Africa

Our Sustainable Energy Efforts for Africa Day celebration 2022

We can join in this Africa day Celebration. We have taken deliberate steps towards carving a more sustainable nation, this is evidenced by our strategic partnerships. The Torchmark Group as a whole exists to solve these challenges affecting our food security, nutrition, and basic living amongst other things .

What are these accomplishments?

1. Clean Renewable Energy

The sun is the source and as such is a clean energy source. It is healthy, carbon-free, and nontoxic. Which makes it a healthy choice for powering farming machines and food production equipment.

2. Agro Tech Solutions

The Agro-Technology we deploy combined with human expertise will yield enhanced product quality. While you focus on making income, our technology would provide adequate clean water, sufficient power supply, crop storage, factory facilities, crop scouting, and soil testing equipment. By strengthening our Agri Tech System we have created a more healthy system for food production.

How to build a Clean and Sustainable Environment to improve food security and nutrition

1. Keeping your environment clean

2. Wash your food thoroughly before eating

3. Enhancing a reliable food storage system to store your food or plant produce.

4. Investing in Renewable energy for clean power and water consumption.

5. Shift to more sustainable diets by taking more vegetables

Partner with TMG.

The Africa Day Celebration maybe only for today, but our efforts in the continuous provision of innovative solutions to economic gaps and provide sustainable development by executing projects through cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices will not stop.

This is just the beginning.

Happy Africa Day celebration!

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