This is how we change the world #BreaktheBias

Now, more than any time in history, the voice of women in various industries around the globe is being heard. The impact of women through leadership, innovation and just being given a seat at the table has reverberated throughout the world and now, we know we can be listened to; we should be listened to too.

In 2021 we saw women make up over a quarter of the seats in the US Congress, the Highest in US history. We have seen Nigerian heavyweights like Ifeoma Malo Co-Founder and CEO of Clean Tech Hub Nigeria , Solape Akinpelu the CEO HerVest and Damilola Olokesusi, the CEO of Shuttlers, the list goes on and on. At the heart of it, the International Women's Day Celebration is much more than the global celebration that highlights the achievement of women while championing economic, cultural, political, and social inclusion. It's a day that we get to remember just how magical we are, a day we get to recommit to our personal excellence, a day to raise the standard for ourselves.

The 2022 campaign theme as prescribed by the United Nations campaigns for gender equality today against a sustainable tomorrow. How do we actually do this? We do this by being excellent. We do this by looking out for each other. In leadership let us challenge each other to grow, to learn; to blossom. As policy makers #BreaktheBias by informing policies that drive inclusion and ensure it.

At the Torchmark Group, we are committed to true diversity and inclusion in STEM industries in Nigeria and Africa. We understand that the problems we seek to solve in our industry are felt most by women without access. Thus we commit to projects that directly impact women entrepreneurs, farmers, SME & MSME players along various value chains. This customer-centric approach truly sets us apart as the Energy Company that puts you at the Center.

The Women In TMG lend their voices and support all efforts to remedy gender inequality in Africa and around the globe. Lets #BreaktheBias.