Why now Is the best time to Choose Renewable & Sustainable Energy?

Do you have access to a 24 hours Power supply for your business? Is the cost of generating power eating deeply into your revenue? Are you concerned about entertaining guests on the weekends because you’re worried about power failing or having to run your generator for endless hours even with the rising price of diesel and the long queues at the fueling stations?

If these are some of the things you’ve had to deal with, then this blog post is for you because there hasn't been a better time than now to switch to a more reliable, renewable, and sustainable energy solution.

An increase in population growth and rising income levels are driving a more than 2% annual cumulative expansion in the world's energy demand. However, about 13% of the global population still lacks access to electricity. Our research has found that in Nigeria, fewer than 55% of people have access to electricity, and this percentage may be as low as 30% for rural residents.

This is why at Torchmark we have designed and curated much needed energy efficient alternative solutions to help homes and businesses be more comfortable and of course productive

Here’s why you need to make the switch.

The Nigeria National Grid has Collapsed 18 times already in 2022

This constant collapse has caused blackouts in key economic zones of the country. What's worse is that the average homeowner, SMEs, and MSMEs have had to pay the price for relying on the national grid and there is still no guarantee that it won't occur again (and again).

This now means that home and business owners are having to pay almost twice as much as they would have 2 years ago simply to keep their business afloat and create enabling and comfortable homes. In extension prices of goods and services are currently through the roof.

For this reason, many people have had to shift to renewable energy solutions-for cost savings.

Senate passes bill for states, individuals to supply electricity through Renewable Sources

On July 21, The Senate passed a bill for states, and individuals to supply electricity through Renewable Sources.

The Chairman of the Senate committee, Senator Gabriel Suswam (PDP, Benue), said, “Since electricity is on the concurrent list in the constitution, the bill has allowed state governments to license people who intend to operate mini-grids within the states.”

He said, “The bill also gives legal backing to renewable energy." If you decide to generate one megawatt of power using solar as an energy source, that is also provided for. “That is the only way the power problem would be solved. The space is now open; there is a little restriction as to who can generate power and distribute."

This shows that the federal government has determined that using other renewable sources, including solar energy, is the best approach to ease the strain on the national grid while ensuring that people can still receive basic energy. This legislation may improve the fortunes of Nigeria's electricity sector while also providing you with access to energy

Generators and Gas Plants are unreliable, require high maintenance, and are harmful to the Environment

The use of Generators and fossil fuel generating plants have been the obvious dependable generating source of power for average Nigeria for decades now.

However, it has become a headache for people because of the high maintenance costs, the loudness, the failure of these generators, and the pollution they spew into the air.

Now people just want a clean solution. Torchmark is proud to be impacting individuals and the environment, with our energy technology solutions.

Why is renewable energy better?

1. Renewable energy sources can be used to produce electricity with fewer environmental impacts. It is possible to make electricity from renewable energy sources without producing carbon dioxide (CO2), the leading cause of global climate change.

2. Renewable sustainable energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution

3. Renewable energy is Diversifying energy supply and reduces dependence on imported fuels

4. Renewable sustainable energy is creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more.

5. Renewable sustainable energy is becoming more affordable every year, and some options are now cheaper than fossil fuels. The price of solar has decreased by 89 percent since 2010. It is now cheaper to go solar than to depend on fossil fuels in Nigeria, with the hike in fuel and diesel prices. Solar is now the cheapest electricity in history.

Choose Torchmark As Your Renewable Suitable Energy Partner

Torchmark is Nigeria's leading Energy Technology Company. With more than 5 years in the industry, we have improved the quality of living for our partners because they have trusted us with our products which include Solar Hybrid Systems, Solar Water Heaters (100 - 300 liters),

Water pumps, Irrigation pumps, Street lights, Energy efficient

buildings, Inverters, Batteries, etc, and our bespoke, quality sustainable solutions and installations. Why?

1. We run a free energy audit to assist you to know every road and the right system suitable for you.

2. We design systems that accommodate your energy needs.

3. Our solutions are top-notch as our standard is Quality.

4. You relax while we do the work. Your comfort is our priority.

5. Our Installations are made by expert engineers in the industry. Our expert team of energy technologists helps us give you seamless solutions in our service offerings.

We hope you find this piece helpful.

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