Enjoy uninterrupted power supply

Torchlight Energy Resources Limited is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions in Nigeria.

Our experience and capabilities range from engineering, procurement, construction, product design, maintenance, installation and consultancy in renewable markets.

We've set out to address the problems of intermittent power supply, rural electrification and energy shortages. Torchlight Energy is aligned with the Global Energy Transition Plan which aims to provide universal access to energy by 2030 and zero carbon emission by 2050 in order to alleviate poverty and boost the economy. Our target demography are SMEs, MSMEs, households and the public sector. 

We have extensive experience in Solar energy, Wind energy, Mini Hydro Power, Hybrid Energy Storage Systems, Energy Efficiency and other renewable energy technologies. 


To power a sustainable world for a clean future.

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To provide sustainable energy solutions to solve power challenges in existing and emerging markets.

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How We Work

Inspection and System Design: Depending on your power usage, most crucial appliances, and budget, our expert staff will assist you in designing the most appropriate alternative power solution for you.

Delivery and Installation: Our team of energy engineers will install the power system and educate you on how it works as well as the ideal operating conditions. We'll walk you through the important guidelines for extending the life of your inverter batteries.

Premium Support and Maintenance: Our work isn't finished once it's been installed. We make every effort to assist you with the maintenance of your solar infrastructure anytime you require it. 

Sustainable Renewable Energy Solutions

Home Solution: We offer the most energy-efficient solutions to homeowners, allowing them to easily manage their power sources, improve energy efficiency, and keep energy bills as low as possible.

Corporate Solution: We provide efficient energy management, monitoring, and control solutions for our corporate clients, assisting them to reduce energy overheads for their businesses.  

Rural Solution: We offer rural residents safe, dependable, and economical solar solutions. 

Estate Development Solution: We work with real estate developers to provide smart and energy-efficient homes with a cutting-edge touch.

Energy Development Consultancy: We can assist you with your energy solution projects by providing consultancy services. Our expertise allows us to accurately assess your energy needs and provide advice. 

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Our Impact

  • To help our clients reduce their carbon footprint by providing them with clean energy.

  • Reduce energy poverty among those at the bottom of the pyramid by providing affordable alternative energy.

  • To help SMEs and MSMEs run effectively with affordable and consistent power supply.