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Torchmark Integrated Synergy Limited is a rapidly expanding Nigerian real estate company with core competence in building construction, architecture, renovation, home refurbishing, project management, facilities management, procurement, and supply chain management. Our team of experts come together to deliver on our client needs.


We always bring our A-game and provide premium services during every project we handle. We offer top-quality construction, renovation, and procurement services with an emphasis on energy efficiency best practices, safety, innovation, and sustainability for our stakeholders. Our attention to detail sets us apart as industry professionals and we make sure to deliver on every project on time. 


Please get in touch with us if you are considering a building project or would want to learn more about collaborating with us.

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Our Mission

To deliver sustainable construction and renovation projects with time scale and maintaining the highest of standards.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent provider of superior construction and refurbishing services in Nigeria and Africa. To be consistent in delivering absolute quality and in adding values to our clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance.


To showcase the right attitude to accept and manage change.

  • To be highly adaptable, manage risks and display the right character to solve complex situations.

  • To be committed to our team, partners and associates to ensure organizational growth.

  • To continuously seek development and team growth.

  • To value and nurture our business relationships with clients.

  • To practice safety at all times.

  • To show respect in any community we work in. 


Our Services 

Architecture: We create structures that are long-lasting, efficient, and eye-catching 

Interior Decoration: Explore exquisite design possibilities with us as we decorate your indoor space with unique designs tailored to your style, needs, and budget. We provide beautiful and cost-effective interior decorations that will guarantee your satisfaction every time.

Renovation; Torchmark 5 R’s

(Rehabilitation, Refurbishing, Retrofitting, Restoration and Remodelling): We offer expert services in house renovation or remodelling. We make structural changes to or simply modernize existing structures.

Property Development: We are always keen to jump on exciting new building projects. We aim to create unique and sustainable properties built with care.

Commercial Construction: We offer building services to the commercial sector on projects which may include office or restaurant construction, extensions, and refurbishments, medium-sized to large halls, or hostels.

General Contracts (Procurement and Supply Chain Management): Torchmark Integrated Synergy Ltd offers a comprehensive range of industrial, commercial, and technical procurement and supply services. We provide production supplies, industrial machinery equipment,  industrial electrical & electronic systems, spare parts, laboratory equipment, as well as manufacturing and operating consumables for the industries that we service. Included in these services are comprehensive support logistics, delivery, installation, and training solutions.

Our Procurement team has extensive experience in managing and performing procurement activities for large contracts. Our partnerships in the areas of Technical Procurement, Engineering & Maintenance Service Agreements with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) allows for speedy implementation of service contract.

Torchmark Integrated Synergy Ltd provides a full range of professional procurement services to all company projects aimed at achieving the main objectives of procuring the project materials, equipment, and services on time and to the specified quality.