TORCHTECH SOLUTIONS is a technology company whose forte is agricultural mechanization. To ensure that we are at pace at every stage of technology growth. Torchtech was founded on the principles of innovation and investing great ideas to match industry standards.

As a full-fledged technology company, we provide services to SMEs, corporations, government, and organizations. We strive to ensure our customers’ operations are always running, optimized, coordinated and seamlessly connected throughout all stages of the crop cycle: seed-processing; farm planning; field preparation and planting; growing; harvesting; grain storage, drying and material handling; and animal protein production.

Our smart farming innovations help farms and machines run more efficiently with lower inputs and higher yields producing more with less. Our smart solutions are built for productivity from the ground up. They sense the environment, determine action based on the information gathered and then execute optimally based on the data in real time.

We are constantly pushing the limits to make agriculture more efficient, more profitable and at the same time more sustainable. In doing so, we make our contribution to achieving healthy and affordable nutrition for all people, while at the same time caring for our natural environment.

Combine Harvester on Field


To strategically deliver Agricultural focused solutions through mechanization and development projects to sustainably feed the world.


To be the trend setters in the agricultural mechanization process by providing the latest in innovation, research, technology and farm inputs to improve conversion ratios while increasing productivity and profitability of the worldwide farming community.

Harvesting Crop Field

What We Do

Our services at Torchtech solutions are aimed at alleviating poverty and hunger. We also thrive to increase productivity among individuals and organizations. To attain a high level of productivity, we implement safe environmental measures to protect individuals.

Our real-world experience, deep business understanding, best industry practices and commitment are key elements that ensure the success of our agricultural technology initiatives. 

Torchtech Solutions Limited help develop solutions for evolving market needs, staffing for end-to-end project development, bring innovative ideas to reality, convert manual agricultural processes to sophisticated mechanized solutions, adapt and implement information technology-driven solutions.

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Our Services

Agricultural Mechanization and Technology

After Sales Maintenance Service

Capacity Building (Training service and Knowledge transfer)

Our Products

Compact Mechanical and Electric tractors

Combine Harvesters and Planters

Seeding and Tillage Equipment

Mill Equipment

Solar Water Pump

Solar Powered Cold Storage Room

Solar Powered Irrigation System

Solar Powered Dryers

Drone Equipment and Sensor Equipment

Hay and Forage Equipment